Help Your Pets Stay Safe During the Holidays

During this most wonderful time of the year, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to ensure pets can safely enjoy the festivities of the season. Check out this list for some helpful tips.

1. Closely monitor what your pet eats
Many “human” foods are toxic to dogs, cats, and other pets. Chocolate, raisins, grapes, nuts, cooked bones, corn, onions, and xylitol are just some of these dangerous ingredients. Keep these foods far away from your pets and kindly remind your guests not to share any of their food with your pets, no matter how much they beg!

2. Keep your pet away from holiday decorations
Beautiful as they may be, electric lights, candles, potpourri, tinsel, ornaments, and Christmas trees are hazards for choking, burning, and electric shocks. Large displays can be knocked over by pets, endangering them and other people/pets around. Keep certain décor high up or away from your pet’s reach. Doggy or baby gates can also be used to keep pets away from trees.

3. Wrap gifts in an area your pet cannot access
All it takes is a split second for your pet to nibble on or grab ribbons, wrapping paper, scissors, and plastics. Ingesting or touching any of these items can cause injury to your pet.

4. Make sure your pet’s microchip and collar are both updated
If you are hosting a get-together, check that all exits in your home are secure and your pet’s microchip and collar are current. Better yet, keep your pet in one area of your home with a baby gate to minimize the chances of them escaping and getting lost.

5. Provide a quiet space for your pet to get away
It can be overwhelming for your pet to have many people around with additional noise and excitement. Prepare a “hiding spot” away from everyone in your home and fill it with your pet’s favourite things so they can go to decompress when overstimulated.

6. Be careful with fireworks
Even the smallest “kid-friendly” sparklers are dangerous for pets. Your dog or cat can be burned by them and be startled by the noise they make. As curious creatures, pets are also likely to eat any unattended fireworks. It’s best to keep pets away when you plan to light up fireworks.

7. Exercise your pet before the festivities
A long walk in the morning leading up to your get-together can ensure your pet gets lots of physical and mental stimulation. This way, they will be more relaxed once the festivities arrive. Ensure they are appropriately dressed for the weather and you clean their paws of any road salt after their walk.

8. Be proactive to keep your pet safe and healthy
During the holidays, veterinary clinics have closures to celebrate the statutory holidays. Make sure you plan ahead and book a visit with our veterinary team to:

  • Ensure your pet is microchipped
  • Fill any prescriptions your pet may require
  • Discuss pet insurance
  • Register for our online store with free delivery over $100

If you have any questions related to keeping your pet safe during the holidays, please contact us at 905-690-0040.