Behavioural Counselling

Behavioural counselling can help address the concerns you have about changes in your pet’s behaviour. It’s normal for your pet to display different types of behaviour periodically. However, if these changes are impacting their quality of life or making it difficult for you to manage it on your own, it’s time to book an appointment with us at 905-690-0040

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What’s causing the change in my pet’s behaviour?

Your pet’s behaviour may be signalling an underlying health issue or other undiagnosed concern they cannot tell us about. During your pet’s appointment, we’ll discuss your concerns to determine the best ways to support you. We’ll also go through your pet’s medical history, daily routines, and environment to identify any potential root causes or triggers. The following could be the cause of your pet’s behavioural issues: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Pain 
  • Lack of stimulation/exercise 
  • Genetic predisposition  
  • Changes to their environment 
  • Nutrition 

How should I handle their problematic behaviour?

We understand that dealing with them attacking others, peeing unexpectedly around your home, or chewing your furniture can be overwhelming. That being said, we recommend not taking your frustration out on your pet. Our team will develop a behavioural plan that can address your major concerns. After we’ve determined the cause of your pet’s behavioural issues, we’ll provide tips and strategies to address them. If you notice your pet isn’t improving over time, feel free to follow up with us so we can reassess and determine the best strategies for your pet.

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