Senior pets deserve dedicated care that supports their changing needs. As your pet ages, they’ll start changing even more. Some changes you’ll see physically but others are only visible internally. Our team recommends regular wellness exams and testing for senior pets to provide early diagnosis and overall wellbeing support. 

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Does my senior pet need wellness testing if they’re not sick?

We strongly believe Senior Wellness testing in our patients is paramount in their care after the age of 7 years. Often our pets do not let us know if there is anything wrong with them until their disease has become more advanced. The silent symptoms of disease that affect the heart, kidneys, liver, thyroid gland, and pancreas often go undetected until the condition is advanced and more difficult to treat. To book your pet’s next appointment, please contact us at 905-690-0040.

How often do senior pets need wellness exams?

We recommend semi-annual physical examination of all our senior patients and annual senior wellness testing. Our complete physical examination and veterinary consultations include:

  • Checking for dental disease
  • Assessment of the heart and lungs
  • Abdominal palpation to detect changes in organ size or cancer
  • Eye examination to check for cataracts, dry eye, or glaucoma
  • Ear examination to ensure no infection or tumours
  • Joint exam to assess arthritis
  • Coat/skin examination to detect parasites, hormonal influences, tumours

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