Spay and Neutering

With the ever-growing pet population each year, spaying and neutering helps reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats from being abandoned. Spaying or neutering your pet also comes with several health benefits. To learn more about the procedure, please contact us at 905-690-0040.

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Why does my pet need to be spayed?

If you don’t intend to breed your female pet, spaying stops their ability to reproduce, limiting unexpected pregnancies. The procedure can also support your pet’s overall health. Spaying your pet can reduce the risk of developing ovarian cancer and mammary tumors. If your puppy is spayed before their first heat, the chances of these growths and diseases decrease. Without the procedure, the risk of developing ovarian cancer and mammary tumors increases with every subsequent heat cycle. 

How does neutering benefit my pet?

Neutering your cat can reduce urine spraying, roaming behaviours, territorial aggression, as well as prevent testicular cancers. Neutering your male dog reduces their tendency for roaming to find a mate, which stops the possibility of an unwanted litter of puppies. Your dog will also be less likely to develop prostate and testicular cancer as they age. We typically recommend the procedure once your pet is 6-months-old. However, older pets can still get a consultation to see if the procedure is the right fit. 

Will the procedure be painful?

Pain management is an important part of the surgical process. We prescribe oral pain medication for your pet to take at home after the procedure. We also perform post-operative exams to address any concerns and ensure your pet is healing comfortably. Our spaying/neutering procedures include: 

  • Pre-surgical examination
  • Laser surgery
  • Catheter-IV fluid therapy
  • Pre-anesthetic blood panel
  • General anesthetic
  • Injections for pain relief
  • Hospitalization
  • Post-operative therapeutic laser
  • Complimentary nail trim

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