Veterinary Exam

Our veterinary team would like to see your pet at least once every year, depending on their age and overall health, and continue to support them during their current life stage. As your pet continues to age, more considerations need to be made to ensure they’re healthy and have a good quality of life. To book your pet’s next appointment, please contact our team at 905-690-0040.

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Why does my pet need a physical exam?

As part of our veterinary exam, it’s important for your pet to have regular, comprehensive physical exams. Our team assesses your pet to ensure they remain healthy between appointments. Some of the procedures could include an eye exam, ear exam, rectal exam, dental exam, neurological evaluation, cardiovascular evaluation, weight & nutritional counselling, coat & skin evaluation, abdominal palpation, urogenital evaluation, musculoskeletal evaluation, and pulmonary/lung evaluation.

What information should I share about my pet’s health?

Before your pet’s annual examination with their veterinarian, we’ll ask you to complete a health questionnaire. This information helps make our team aware of any changes in your pet’s lifestyle including environmental, dietary, behavioural, or symptomatic changes. It’s also important to share any changes or concerns about your pet during their veterinary exam.

What happens after the physical exam? 

Once the physical has been completed, our doctors will discuss your pet’s lifestyle and environment and review any concerns you have. Based on combined variables such as age, breed, weight fluctuation, and/or presenting concerns, our doctors could recommend running diagnostics to detect any internal changes unseen upon physical examination. They are then able to tailor a vaccine protocol specific to your pet and their needs. For example, we’ll make recommendations about parasite control. Parasite control is an important aspect of your pet’s health. As well, your family could be potentially exposed to parasites from your pet by direct or indirect contact (zoonotic spread). By screening your pet annually for parasites through simple diagnostics, we are able to detect, treat, and eliminate potentially harmful parasites.

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