Weight Management

Overweight pets are more prone to a variety of health complications and issues. Weight management plans help reduce your pet’s weight, starting a journey to better overall health and wellbeing. However, weight management goes beyond the number on the scale. We work with you to revamp your pet’s lifestyle to integrate more healthy choices to create more balance.

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What is weight management?

Weight management is a holistic approach to managing your pet’s weight. If your pet is obese, they can have mobility issues, excess body fat, difficulty breathing, low energy, and an indistinguishable waistline. Once your pet has been diagnosed with obesity, we’ll consider their metrics, medical history, and lifestyle to determine a healthy weight. Weight management plans aren’t a fixed regimen. We’ll make recommendations initially but continue to evolve as your pet goes through this journey. These personalized plans often include recommendations about: 

  • Portion sizes 
  • Feeding schedule 
  • Caloric intake 
  • Exercise 
  • Nutrient-rich foods 

What should my pet’s new diet include?

Our veterinary team will work alongside you to revamp your pet’s diet, including recommendations based on your pet’s health needs. We know how important it is to feed your pet the right diet for their individual needs. We make personalized dietary recommendations for each of our patients, based on history, physical findings, health, your pet’s needs, and your preferences. We recommend premium Royal Canin diets because they provide precise nutrition for pets’ specific life stages, sizes, and any health conditions. Royal Canin diets are available for purchase in our in-clinic retail section and through our online store. To learn more about our specialized diets, please contact us at 905-690-0040.

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