Veterinary Assistant

Fear Free Certified

Pets : Maisie (Cocker Spaniel), Ben (Bengal X)

Being a diabetic myself, I like being able to see the improvement of diabetic patients and being a part of the care that goes into the process. I like the diagnosis part of patient care when we pinpoint exactly what is going on and can start working on the treatment plan. Seeing how much patients grow and heal throughout their visits, both from a physical and psychological aspect (seeing their FAS improve) is very rewarding.

I love the amazing staff I get to work with and learn from every day. I love seeing familiar patient faces and creating a bond with them, knowing that they are happy and comfortable to be here and see you. I look forward to seeing the boarding patients every morning when I come in for my shift and taking care of their needs and wants. Being able to bring Maisie into work with me every day is amazing!

In my spare time, I like to create art, mostly drawing and painting. I am obsessed with Halloween and Autumn. Horror movies are my favourite. Maisie and I do everything together, my little shadow, we go for a lot of hikes and adventures!